the body achieves
what the mind

ultimate personal training

Martial Arts

Martial arts teach courtesy, humility, integrity, self-control, discipline and leadership along with many other values as its foundation.

strength training

Strength training helps you develop strong bones, manage weight and help you do everyday activities better and easier. It can also reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

cardio training

Improving your cardio will strengthen your stamina and endurance so you can work harder for long and burn more calories.

Keep you on track

We will regularly assess your progress and change things if necessary. We can help you set weekly goals, then check in on a regular basis to see how you’re doing.

Ensure total body fitness

We will be able to help you become further educated on what exercises target which muscles, the correct exercise form and so much more.

Evaluate your progress

By looking at what you’re already doing, we can look for ways to change or tweak your workouts to make them more efficient and effective.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there

Sometimes you fall off the fitness wagon and have absolutely no motivation but just CANNOT seem to get yourself back on track. And that’s where we step in, to have you back on your feet. 





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RM 125


RM 125



RM 150